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Old AJ's Electrical Software - Save Time! Save Money!

Perform Electrical Installation Calculations Quickly & Easily!
Let our electrical software search the NEC® and do the math for you. All electrical calculations are derived from NEC® 2014. 3 years of Free Updates! Compare to software costing much more!     Electrical Software Products

Eliminate costly mistakes!
Calculate: conduit, wire size, single phase & 3 phase: electrical power, kva, voltage drop, motor current, and many other electrical calculations! Now size aluminum conductors & apply temperature correction!

See and edit your input and results on one page!
Old AJ's now has a 30-day, fully functioning Free Trial available.

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Electrical Calculations Software per NEC® for all in the electrical field

Electrical Calculation Software for Contractors, Designers,
Project Managers & Masters

Calculate conduit & wire size, ground wire, single phase & 3 phase electrical power, kva, voltage drop, motor current, electrical services & 3 phase motor feeders.
Old AJ's Electrical Software will perform your electrical calculations in accordance with NEC® 2014...all for about the price of a code book!    Electrical Software

Electrical Software for Journeymen & Apprentices

Electricians, from apprentice to master, can benefit from this software. Old AJs has packages starting at only $39.95. Make it easy on yourself, or check your electrical calculations using our electrical software. You can rely on the accuracy of our results per the NEC® 2014! 3 years of Free Updates are included with all our products.
Download the program now!   Electrical Software Products.

Click program titles below to see sample screenshots from Old AJ's Electrical Software...

Find conduit & wire size from NEC® tables for single phase & 3 phase feeders & services.
Up to 4 parallel runs in emt conduit, pvc conduit, rigid conduit.

Enter horsepower or full load current. Finds total Amps for up to 12 motors. Calculates conduit & wire size for up to 4 parallel runs in emt conduit, pvc conduit, rigid conduit.

Enter single or multiple wire size & insulation combos. Size emt conduit, pvc conduit, rigid conduit.

Calculates single phase or 3 phase voltage drop.
Enter wire size, current & circuit length.

Program finds minimum Cu or Al GEC or EGC based on NEC® Table 250.66 or 250.122.

Finds minimum NEC® wire size. Enter current & insulation type.

Finds full load current from NEC® Tables. Enter horsepower.

Finds kva kw, voltage, current, kva, kw, power factor. Enter 2 known values.

Finds dc power, current, voltage, resistance. Enter 2 known values.

Finds motor protection rating required per NEC® table 430.52.

Enter choice of values. Program finds English & Metric equivalents. Lots of categories.
Values in Old AJ's programs comply with NEC® 2014 codes & regulations. Local codes and/or company standards may be different.
National Electrical Code® and NEC® are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association, Inc., Quincy, MA 02169.
Copyright 2011 by Anthony J. Wright All Rights Reserved
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