AC: Find 3 phase, single phase, voltage, electrical power, kva, power factor, ac current

screenshot from electrical power-ac electrical calculations
This is one example of the power of our electrical software. Power calculator-find: single phase or 3 phase: voltage, electrical power, kva, power factor, ac current, etc.. You can use this to size transformers, determine amps for wire sizing, find power factor, find apparent power(KVAR), and find relevant values to help with determining all types of electrical design needs.
AJ likes to call it his AC version of Ohm's law. It's really just an ingenious method of putting many electrical calculations together in one place for the benefit of all who use it.
Notice the presence of all the pertinent formulas to prove the results of the calculations which are found so quickly and easily by using the software.
As with all our electrical calculators, NEC® article and/or table which pertain to each electrical calculation are provided.
The software can be ordered for a very reasonable price here: electrical power
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